Our Quality Care Commission registered practice has a team of doctors highly experienced in an extensive range of minor surgical procedures, which include the removal of skin lesions such as:

  • Skin tags
  • Warts
  • Verrucae
  • Moles
  • Cysts

The procedures take place at our purpose-built, fully equipped, minor surgery suite at our Shenfield Clinic.

Prior to any agreed procedure, you will have a thorough consultation, explaining the presumptive diagnosis, a full explanation of the procedure with benefits and risks discussed, and all aftercare advice.

At Essex Private Doctors we value safety above all, and in all but the most obvious of benign conditions we send off excised samples for analysis (Histology). A specialist doctor will look at the tissue and the cell types under the microscope in a laboratory, to make an accurate diagnosis of what the lesion is, which of course includes excluding any form of skin cancer.

We routinely send away moles or any pigmented lesion to the laboratory for histology even if they look benign, as it is best medical practice to have a record of this.

However, some skin tags or cysts are completely benign with no worrying features at all and it is not always essential in these cases to analyse these further, which will, of course, make the procedure more cost-effective.

We are transparent with our pricing will always discuss with you how much a procedure will cost before we perform anything at all.


These includes a consultation and the removal of the lesion within the same appointment. Please tell our receptionist when you book your appointment what it will be for so we can give you the appropriate length of appointment time.

  • Small mole excision/removal plus histology from £400
  • Cyst removal without histology £350
  • Skin tag without histology £200.
    (If there is more than one skin tag, additional £50 per skin tag.)
  • Verucca/wart £200

If you have any moles or lesions that have changed or are bleeding or itching, we would always recommend that you have them looked at by a doctor. If you book to see us for mole/cyst removal and we are concerned that the lesion might be skin cancer we may recommend that you see a specialist to have it removed and we will do the referral letter for you. This would then be charged at a normal consultation rate of £120 for a new patient and £90 for an existing patient.


You can book an appointment at our Shenfield practice, giving you fast access to a doctor when you need it.

Call our helpful reception team on 01277 201001

Meet our Doctors

Dr Kannan Athreya

Dr Kannan Athreya

Dr Alice Scott

Dr Alice Scott

Relax, with time to talk…

Your consultation will be with one of our fully qualified, and highly experienced doctors, and take place within a comfortable, well-equipped surgery.  You will receive a thorough consultation, with ample time to properly discuss your health concerns or illness.

Any additional investigations, such as ECGs and blood tests will be performed by your doctor during the appointment. These would incur additional charges, which would always be discussed with you before proceeding. In addition, the appointment will also include the writing of a prescription or recommendation of further tests or treatment.

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