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Dr Kannan Athreya Testimonials from Confidential Patient Appraisal

“Dr Athreya is one of the most open, friendly and professional individuals that I have had the pleasure to meet, an excellent physician who is always willing to go the extra mile to help his patients”

He puts you at ease, very polite, and I must be completely honest, he is the only one I’ve seen that has taken the time to look up appropriate medication for my problem. I have had this problem for around 6 to 8 months and in 4 weeks he has solved my problem ,best treatment ever recieved.”

“Doctor Athreya is always punctual with appointment times and very efficient when dealing with his patient in my experience. My children also attend his clinic. His manner is always caring and professional and he never makes you feel like he is hurrying you up. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“I always try to see Dr Athreya as he is easy to talk to and has a caring and efficient manner. He has helped me through several attacks of asthma and I have every confidence in his advice and suggestions as to how to deal with the condition.”

“Very pleasant doctor with a sense of humour which goes a long way to put one at ease”

“I have always found it easy to talk about medical issues with Doctor Athreya. He takes the time to listen and explains everything (symptoms, treatments, etc.) carefully, without instantly reaching for the prescription pad, as some GPs do.”

Dr Alice Scott Testimonials from Confidential Patient Appraisal

“Dr Scott is professional as well as personable, I felt very comfortable having my consultation with Dr Scott.”

“Dr Scott was very calming and made me feel at ease to talk.”

“Dr Scott has the right mix of ‘people skills’ and professionalism.”

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