At Essex Private Doctors we provide patients with a top-to-toe health screening service.  Think of it as an MOT for your body.  This includes a thorough examination designed to provide a clear picture of your current health and to detect future health problems at the earliest possible stage.

Our Well-Man and Well-Woman Health Screens are available as comprehensive packages.  Each includes all of the items listed on the right, as well as a private consultation with one of our experienced GPs. This enables you to take all the time you need to discuss any concerns health concerns you may have.

In addition, we also provide personalised health screens.  These are designed to meet individual needs and to look even more closely at areas of particular concern.  This may include additional investigations such as a Cervical Smear*.

Please see our fees section for details on Health Screening costs.

*Supplementary costs for additional investigations will be discussed before proceeding. 

  • A comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced GPs
  • Detailed discussion of current health
  • Assessment of family history
  • Medication review
  • Full physical examination, including prostate check for males and breast and pelvic examination for females
  • Weight, height and BMI
  • Assessment of cardiovascular risk
  • Blood pressure assessment
  • ECG
  • Baseline spirometry (lung function test)
  • Blood tests – including full blood count, kidney and liver function tests, glucose, inflammatory marker, iron and cholesterol levels
  • Urine testing
  • Faceal Occult Blood Testing
  • Following the consultation, you will receive a full medical report and a follow-up telephone consultation to discuss any issues raised


You can book an appointment at our Shenfield practice, giving you fast access to a doctor when you need it.

Call our helpful reception team on 01277 201001

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Meet our Doctors

Dr Kannan Athreya

Dr Kannan Athreya

Dr Alice Scott

Dr Alice Scott
Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care

Relax, with time to talk…

Your consultation will be with one of our fully qualified, and highly experienced doctors, and take place within a comfortable, well-equipped surgery.  You will receive a thorough consultation, with ample time to properly discuss your health concerns or illness.

Any additional investigations, such as ECGs and blood tests will be performed by your doctor during the appointment. These would incur additional charges, which would always be discussed with you before proceeding. In addition, the appointment will also include the writing of a prescription or recommendation of further tests or treatment.

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