Essex Private Doctors is proud to be able to offer a dedicated Menopause Clinic. This is led by Dr Scott who holds The Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care and is recognised as a Menopause Specialist by the British Menopause Society.

When booking your appointment, it is important to tell the receptionist it is a menopause appointment which is required so that you are booked the correct amount of appointment time.

Initial consultation £265

The initial consultation lasts for up to 40 minutes and is a bespoke personalised consultation which considers each individual woman’s needs.

You can expect to have a full medical history taken including a discussion of your symptoms, any other medical conditions you might have, any family history of significant illness, and your lifestyle. If you are on any regular medications, please bring a list, or a copy of your repeat prescription, with you to the appointment.

​The time of menopause is a good opportunity to look to optimise your health for the future. You will have your height, weight and blood pressure measured. It is also possible to have blood tests to check for diabetes and cholesterol levels which will enable the calculation of a cardiovascular risk score. Your bone health will be assessed and an onward private referral for a DEXA (bone density) scan can be made to a local private hospital, if required. You will be given appropriate lifestyle advice to improve your health.

​A full range of treatment options will be discussed with you including Hormone Replacement Therapy and non-hormonal treatment options. If treatment is appropriate, you will be given a private prescription which you can take to a chemist in order to obtain your medication. You will be given enough medication to last until your follow up consultation.

Blood tests

Sometimes menopausal symptoms can be similar to symptoms caused by other medical conditions, and in some instances, it may be advisable to have blood tests to exclude other conditions. At times hormone blood tests can be helpful.

​Blood tests range from baseline hormone blood tests to a full panel including full blood count, kidney and liver function, thyroid tests, cholesterol, diabetic check, bone profile and vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12 and folate. Other blood tests are available if indicated.

​Blood tests incur an additional charge to your appointment fee. You will be advised of the cost prior to any test being performed and given the option of whether to have them done. If you decide to have blood tests, they will be taken by Dr Scott during your appointment and sent for analysis to the laboratory we use. For more information on fees for blood tests please see our fees section.

Follow up consultation £175

Follow up menopause consultations last for up to 30 minutes. Your symptoms will be reviewed to ensure that your treatment is optimised. If blood tests are indicated, they will be taken during the consultation after prior agreement and discussion with you. If appropriate, you will be given a further prescription until your next review.

Once established on appropriate treatment which is working well, patients would usually be reviewed 6 monthly.


Dr Alice Scott - GP & Menopause Specialist
Please see Dr Scott’s website for further information about the menopause:


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Dr Kannan Athreya

Dr Kannan Athreya

Dr Alice Scott

Dr Alice Scott
Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care

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Your consultation will be with one of our fully qualified, and highly experienced doctors, and take place within a comfortable, well-equipped surgery.  You will receive a thorough consultation, with ample time to properly discuss your health concerns or illness.

Any additional investigations, such as ECGs and blood tests will be performed by your doctor during the appointment. These would incur additional charges, which would always be discussed with you before proceeding. In addition, the appointment will also include the writing of a prescription or recommendation of further tests or treatment.

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